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Dekorativní betonové podlahy

Nabízíme dekorativní podlahy z broušeného a leštěného betonu s jednoduchou údržbou a atraktivním vzhledem.

Originální kancelářský nábytek

Sháníte kvalitní a designové vybavení kanceláří? Vyzkoušejte kancelářský nábytek od společnosti BENE, která udává světové trendy.

Kvalitní vestavěné skříně

Praktický prvek do vašeho bytu,vestavěné skříně vysoké kvality od profesionálního výrobce.

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Investiční zlato vám pomůže zhodnotit váš majetek.

Objednejte si beton z pohodlí Vašeho domova. Dopravu i čerpání betonu zajistíme my.

Originální kancelářský nábytek

Sháníte kvalitní a designové vybavení kanceláří? Vyzkoušejte kancelářský nábytek od společnosti Elan-interior, která udává světové trendy.

Nedovolte, aby se pro Vás stěhování stalo noční můrou. Komplexní služby stěhování Praha pro Vás!

Anhydritový potěr AnhyLevel na podlahy je vhodný do suchých míst.

Suitability wardrobes


When we think about changing your bedroom furniture should be in consultation with built-in wardrobes průvodce. Důvodem is that the guide will help you assess your storage needs and therefore make use of the available space. It should be noted that this applies not only to the cabinet itself but also on any of the internal space available to you.

The advantage of these cabinets is that they can cope with virtually any shape room. Whether you have uneven walls, sloping ceilings or very awkward corners, it can all be accommodated in most cabinet designs. This is not the case for a separate case, which tend to result in much wasted space on both sides of the furniture, and are not able to cope with any deviation from straight walls.

Suitability wardrobes

There are many styles and designs available to suit any room , from more contemporary classic . Sliding doors are often a feature and again, are very useful, especially when considering the location. Built-in cabinets can be either solid wood or veneer , both of which give added warmth to the room. To really personalize your wardrobe , you can choose from a wide range of handles and accessories that will give you accurate complete the look that you need .

It is very important to consult with fitted wardrobes guide when deciding on the interior of the savings from your wardrobe. Think about factors such as how much hanging space you need and whether it is all long objects such as clothes or a mixture of long and short. Do you need more shelves for folded clothes such as jumpers and sweatshirts ? Drawers are useful , but do not need much. One of them is perfect for smaller items such as socks, tights and underwear , and other various items. Including tie and belt and shoe racks are also a very good way to save space.