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Zajistíme pro Vás levný plot na klíč. Vybírat si můžete ze široké nabídky našich produktů - branky, brány, různé druhy oplocení, garážová vrata nebo automatické pohony vrat.


Vestavěné skříně Komandor

Dekorativní betonové podlahy

Nabízíme dekorativní podlahy z broušeného a leštěného betonu s jednoduchou údržbou a atraktivním vzhledem.

Originální kancelářský nábytek

Sháníte kvalitní a designové vybavení kanceláří? Vyzkoušejte kancelářský nábytek od společnosti BENE, která udává světové trendy.

Kvalitní vestavěné skříně

Praktický prvek do vašeho bytu,vestavěné skříně vysoké kvality od profesionálního výrobce.

Luxury fully furnished apartments for short-term rentals Prague . Located in the city center for great price.

Investiční zlato vám pomůže zhodnotit váš majetek.

Objednejte si beton z pohodlí Vašeho domova. Dopravu i čerpání betonu zajistíme my.

Originální kancelářský nábytek

Sháníte kvalitní a designové vybavení kanceláří? Vyzkoušejte kancelářský nábytek od společnosti Elan-interior, která udává světové trendy.

Nedovolte, aby se pro Vás stěhování stalo noční můrou. Komplexní služby stěhování Praha pro Vás!

Anhydritový potěr AnhyLevel na podlahy je vhodný do suchých míst.

Bedroom storage


Room cleaning is effective for drinks. In addition, for example, creating more space to tidy the room to find your property much easier. Bedroom, whether large or small, with a well planned wardrobes create a comfortable and efficient living space.

The most important item in the bedroom is the bed itself. Storage beds can make a good contribution to more efficient use of the space under the mattress. Bed storage drawers provide easy access to items required on a regular basis: they are easily accessible drawers and elegant spaces. Ottoman storage bed with their encouragement to the ground, are much better for storing larger items or items more rarely accessible as winter or summer blankets, bedding, suitcases, seasonal clothing and accessories. Make sure that the storage ottoman bed you choose has the power to lift the frame and is suitable for a mattress of your choice!

Bedroom storage

Bedroom chests of drawers come in various styles and sizes. The aesthetic design is a personal preference , but less tall chest will generally be more useful storage that lower broad chest and take up less valuable floor space . Also many robust construction waste a lot of space and real storage is relatively minimal. Check the depth of the drawers for your use. Deep drawers may be required for jumpers and bags, but shallow drawer is more useful for saving crumb !

The cabinet is perhaps one of the most effective pieces in a storage room. Hanging storage space is perfect for dress shirts pants and coats . Items can be hung side by side , without squeezing and still allow easy access to larger rooms may have space for wardrobes that will have the advantage of storage from floor to ceiling , but for smaller bedrooms flexibility freestanding cabinets may be necessary. This space above can still be used for example for stacking boxes and the like, that the area below the hanging rails can be useful for Bags Shoes hats and small accessories.

The walls in the bedroom can provide ample opportunities to create additional storage space . The walls generally provide excellent mounting a more stable surface than on the floor , but also relaxes the floor area of a room and give the transparent appearance. Bedside table attached to the wall provides the perfect surface for the next drinks and books, and can be set at the optimum height for your bed.

Wall shelving units are available in many forms, from simple shelves to elaborate wall units with built- in cabinets and light.

Finally, storage boxes: the original Ottoman designed as a storage box located at the foot of the bed. Nowadays there are many types and sizes of storage space available that can help you organize your space. They can be used in or on top of cabinets , inside storage ottoman bed to create a neat little space or free-standing in a corner to hide the last remnants of a small looking for a home.